Retained HR Service frees you from direct day to day handling of HR technicalities while affording you access to our consultants’ professional HR advice and expertise to support you in realizing your company’s goals. It is pertinent to understand that though some businesses might not need nor want a large HR function/unit, prioritizing human capital management and its legislative framework is vital to the success of any firm’s strategic agenda. Goldmac Consulting can design and deliver a retained HR service that suits your needs and your company’s culture, while freeing you more time to handle other strategic aspects of your business. Our retained services could be advisory or an active engagement.

Advisory Retained HR Service: A dedicated Goldmac consultant is assigned to your firm for insight into the right approach to your organization’s people management or change management issues. The consultant, after gaining a comprehensive understanding of your firm’s HR context will work with the team to devise a strategy and adopt a practical operational approach in giving expert advice/report on your HR needs, activities and management. Active Retained HR Service: This service incorporates the advisory but also takes it further by setting up a virtual HR office for you whereby all HR functions required by your firm will be provided by Goldmac Consulting. These functions include but not limited to:

  • HR Communications Bespoke
  • HR policies, procedures and Employee handbook.
  • Design of Welfare Package
  • Change Management
  • Periodic HR Auditing
  • Performance Management
  • Consulting/Prompt Response on all HR related issues